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Cultivating the Best of Mother Nature's Soil Builders!

Why Use Worm Tea?
Active aerated worm tea provides major benefits to soil, adding beneficial health organisms, minerals, and other organic properties.
Worm tea contains billions of microorganisms including bacteria, fungi, protozoa, and nematodes; which can be sprayed directly onto the leaf surface of your house plants to fend off potential diseases.
This additive boosts plant health and helps your plants fend off potential diseases.
The oxygenated tea occupies the infection sites on the leaf surface and is held there by simple sugars that the plant exudes, which work as glue to keep the beneficial microorganisms thriving and protecting the plant.

Disease Suppression!!
Fungal dominant worm tea is effective in suppressing the following diseases:
*Black Spot*Aphids
*Mildew (downy)*Tent Caterpillars
*Needle Cast on Pine*Mites
*Verticillium Wilt*Leaf Curl
*White Flies*Red Thread
*Mealy Bugs*Fungal Disease in Ornamentals
What Is Worm Tea?

Worm Tea is a solution, aerobic in nature, 
containing worm castings (organic fertilizer). 
Other organic material is added for specific 
needs which is then mixed with water and infused with air for several hours to oxygenate the 
solution. Worm Tea is the perfect replacement for harmful chemicals!
You can use worm tea directly on your plants and directly on your ground to revitalize soils 
that have been abused by fertilizers over the years as the beneficial activated worm tea 
re-introduces healthy culture back into soils.
How much Worm Castings Tea do I need???

Yard: 5 gallons of tea mixed with 20 gallons of non-chlorinated water will cover half an acre of your lawn.
House: 16.9oz bottle will mix into a half gallon of non-chlorinated water to spray on plants.

For Foliage, garden applications, and root soaks use at a rate of 1 gallon tea to 3 gallons water. 
(makes 4 gallons of tea)

Use at a concentration of 1 pound of castings in a fine mesh bag to 5 gallons of water and aerate for 24-48 hours. You will also need to add 1 tablespoon of unsulphured molasses to provide food for the beneficial bacteria to thrive. 

You can also use additives during this process to promote fungal and bacterial activity in your tea. Same 5 gallon batch.
*1 tablespoon of liquid kelp or *1 tablespoon of humic acid or *2 tablespoons of fish hydrolysate
Product Description                          Product Code
Worm Castings Tea Kit       #6375
Worm Castings Tea Kit
Product Code# 6375
Fresh When You Want It! Make your worm tea on your schedule. Vermicorp Organics Worm Castings Tea Kit comes complete with pre-measured packets, aerator pump and hose. Just add water. Best used within 3 days after mxing.
5 Pre-filled Teabags
  (makes 5 gallons of tea concentrate)
Air Pump
Tubing With Air Stone
2- 5lbs Bags Worm Casting
  (makes 50 gallons of tea concentrate)
Commercial Air Pump
Tubing With 8” Air Stone
1- 400 micron bag 

Also Available!
Worm Castings Bulk 
Brewing Tea Kit
Product Code# 6395