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​Lawn Patch 15 lb
Product Code# 6600
Lawn Patch 5 lb
Product Code# 6650
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Lawn Patch Available in Bulk
• Holds moisture for faster seed growth
• Boosts growth for seed in less time
• Great for ANY seed brand of your choice
• All natural, no synthetics
• Excellent for slope coverage
• Drought resistant

For Your Seed!
Let Us Get to the Root of the Problem. 
VermiCorp Organics Lawn Patch is a safe and biodegradable product that spreads easier and absorbs faster than any other combination product. The nutrients in Lawn Patch are released a little at a time in to the soil. Unlike many commercial fertilizers, this will not cause fertilizer burn. Each of the nutrients – especially nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus - are essential to plant growth. Nitrogen is needed to produce lush, green foliage, and speedy growth. Vermicorp Organics Lawn Patch helps retain much needed moisture in the soil. This also helps the soil around the seeds to drain properly preventing the seeds from becoming waterlogged.

As a fertilizer, Lawn Patch
can be added to the soil in
two ways. First, it can be 
mixed in with your choice
of seed. Or you may
choose to sprinkle it on
top of the spread seed.
Secondly, it can be mixed
with water and sprayed
onto a garden or other area that needs to be fertilized. Either way you choose to put our
Lawn Patch on, you'll be amazed at the results!

Mix in Existing Soil or Use Right Out of the Bag!