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Item # 6400

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Worm Castings  0.7 – 0.0 – 0.0
Rebuilds, Fertilizes, Rejuvenates Soil &
 Mulch Enhances Lawns & Shrubbery
• Multi-Use: Indoor & Outdoor Application
• Safe around Children & Pets
• Faster, Stronger Growth
• All Organic & Natural 
• Easy to Use, Reduces the need for Pesticides
Coconut Coir Bricks
Ideal for Hydroponic Growing, Additive to Potted Plants, Soil Conditioner for Gardens, and Great for all types of Soils - earth, clay, sand
• Superior Water Holding Capacity
• Excellent Air Space & Drainage Capabilities
• Lasts Longer - Better than Peat Moss
• Easy to Use: Safe, All Organic & Natural 
• Just add water, each brick makes 10 dry quarts
Growers Mix  5 lb Bags
Lawn Patch 5 lb Bags
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I want to sincerely thank the owners of Vermicop Organics for helping out the Menasha Football Program with providing fertilizer for both the practice and game fields.
About two weeks before the season began, we had some major damage done to our practice fields and needed to reseed major portions of the fields. With the help of the organic fertilizer provided by Vermicorp, our practice fields were playable by the first practice. It was a huge relief & help! In addition, our game field was in the best shape it has been in years. 
I truly believe the Vermicorp's pure worm casting organic fertilizer made a difference!  
Jeramie Korth, Menasha Head Football Coach, Wisconsin
Growers Mix
Available in 20 lb Bags

Lawn Patch
Available in 15 lb
Seed Starter

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